A man beaten with a hammer in his apartment in Caen

A man beaten with a hammer in his apartment in Caen

A man was beaten with a hammer in his apartment in Caen (Calvados) in early 2022. ©Pixabay/Illustration

It’s hard to say what really happened that night in January 2022 between Gilles* and Bruno*. The fact is that on the evening of Monday the 24th, Gilles turned up at Bruno’s house and left him bleeding.

On Thursday, September 22, 2022, Gilles (38) was tried. Court of Caen (Calvados) for violence with a weapon as well as death threats. If the victim appeared for the hearing, the defendant did not.

Thirty days of sick leave

During his complaint, Bruno said he “doesn’t know Gilles very well”. When he knocks on his door that evening, Bruno opens the door thinking he is going to bring back the bank card he gave him. What follows is a blur. But given the condition in which Bruno will be found, it is clear that he was struck with incredible violence.

Gilles allegedly started by punching him and then hit him with a hammer he had brought with him. He would hit him everywhere, even in the face, even in the skull.

“I was afraid I would die under those wounds”

Bruno escaped with a 30-day sick leave: punch marks and multiple bruises, arms, cheeks, lips, a wound to his eyebrow and the back of his head, as well as several broken ribs.

“I was afraid I was going to die under those blows,” Bruno told the audience. And it added to my already present anxiety. He threatened to kill me if I filed a complaint. I’m never quiet when I go out. He is a very violent person.”

When Gilles is subsequently questioned, he admits that he threw the punch to defend himself against Bruno’s aggression. “But definitely not a hammer blow. However, during a house search, the tool is found. There is only one mention of aggravated theft in his criminal record.

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“Real Spanking”

“The violence of the blows proves the relentlessness. It’s quite a beating! “, notes the lawyer of the civil party, who explains that his client’s mental state has worsened since the attack and that he is even considering being placed in a guardianship.

Gilles gets 10 months suspended for 24 months. He is prohibited from having contact with the victim, exhibiting himself at his home, and is prohibited from carrying a weapon for five years. In April 2023, a civil case is referred to determine the psychological effects of the attack. A five-year ban was added to the additional sentence.

*Borrowed first names.

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