A collective of 5 associations wants to establish a tree charter in Maisons-Laffitte

A collective of 5 associations wants to establish a tree charter in Maisons-Laffitte

The five associations of Maisons-Laffitte (Yvelines) want to create a charter to protect trees in the city. (©78news)

Protect the trees in Maisons-Laffitte. It is combat five associations that want to raise awareness of the importance of this living being in the city park, but also and above all in the city districts.

“We wanted the tree charter to be developed for 4 years. The starting point is that the plant landscape of different neighborhoods represents a shared environmental and heritage wealth. Their sustainability must be ensured by concrete measures to control the future of the urban landscape and increase the attractiveness of Maisons-Laffitte. »


This collective consists of Maisons-Laffitte Sustainable Development (MLDD), Quality of City Maisons-Laffitte, (QVML), Association Syndicale du Parc (ASP), Heritage and the national association TREES

The town hall has already said he opened to the project and at the March 2022 meeting, Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning Serge Godaert offered to send their proposals.

Five suggestions

In June, the associations reflected on five proposals. The charter describes how the resources to be mobilized rules respect and legal instruments to be implemented.

The first proposal is to consolidate knowledge about tree heritage by carrying out an accurate inventory of public and private lands.

“One has to do it in a scientific way specialized, commissioned by the town hall to qualify them: essence, size, health…, specifies Véronique Cornieti from the MLDD association. It allows you to identify the trees of the future. »

After that, the collective will ask for the establishment of protection rules. In the park as well as in the city, many trees in private land are left to the discretion of the owners.

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“Some trees are part of the landscape, providing shade and benefiting the community, even on private property. »

Frederic CertainSyndic ASP

The Charter should therefore present defeats and pruning in declaration mode before carrying out work for private properties.

“In addition, there are trees cut by non-professionals on public roads that die 6 months later,” adds Frédéric Certain.

In the city center, trees are often surrounded by concrete.
In the city center, trees are often surrounded by concrete. (©78news)

Another strong solution is the adoption of a tree damage assessment scale in the event of a breach.

“On a tree, you can define how much it costs according to several criteria. According to different types of scale, when a tree is damaged or cut down, we quantify the damage to the community and define compensation, which is a bit of an insurance policy. »

Brigitte Barbarossamember of the TREES association

Each owner will then have a financial compensation to the community. According to the collective, the scale must be relatively high, the goal is mainly deterrence. “The target is primarily real estate developers who are ruthless with trees. This is already being implemented in many cities. Everything we ask is valid and legally valid. »

Finally, they want to incorporate these rules into the local urban plan (PLU). “It should be indexed to PLU to create a moral constraint and that it gives a motivational weight says Tania Günther-Fumat, president of the quality association of the town of Maisons-Laffitte.

A step into the future

“We have already sent our proposals and are waiting to hear back from the town hall. More than 80 trees have been cut down in the developer’s projects since 2020, just in the city center and in the residential area. »

Tania Gunther-Fumat

The collective, which with 5 associations represents approx 3000 membersthey quickly merged to form a single document.

“Through our associations, there is a more park view and another more urban view, but we realized that the problem is the same, with same logicand that what was happening in the city center will move to the park,” Frédéric Certain, Syndic from the ASP.

“We tend to massacre trees in favor of concreting by developers. In summer, there is a 4 to 5° difference between the park and the center. It is an emergency like climate change. It is also the protection of residents. »

Mireille ChiozziGeneral Secretary of the Heritage Association

The Town Hall of Maisons-Laffitte must now examine what measures follow up these various proposals in order to create a real document.

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