A blow to Leff Armor: collection and recycling centers have stopped for at least a week

A blow to Leff Armor: collection and recycling centers have stopped for at least a week

The CGT union of Leff Armor agents begins a week-long strike. ©Nathalie BOT-JAFFRAY

OF Thursday, October 27, 2022for a week, household waste collection and recycling centers will be stopped on 27 Leff Armor Community (Lanvollon-Plouha-Chatelaudren-Plougat).

The operation of other intermunicipal services (ČIAS, children’s home, water and sewerage, administration, etc.) should also be disrupted.


On Wednesday, October 26, the CGT, the organization’s majority union, made the decision strikerenewable.

Following on from claims made by Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomeration agents in recent weeks, they claim for the community’s 330 agents “an increase in purchasing power that necessarily includes an increase in healing”. It is:

  • an increase in the insurance premium by EUR 300 net
  • equity between agents in terms of premiums
  • obtaining restaurant tickets for those who wish
  • re-evaluating Leff Armor’s participation in each other

This measure was decided after the second meeting (the first was held on October 19) s Jean-Michel GeffroyPresident Leff Armor and Mayor Lannebert.

We have nothing, we are at a standstill. We have just been told that possibly mutual insurance in 2024…

Yoann Morin, landfill agent and union spokesman.

President Leff Armor opened the discussion

Jean-Michel Geffroy says he is “open to discussion”.

A week late between the first and second interviews today is very little time to budget. We will make suggestions, but at the scale of our community, each suggestion will require significant Leff Armor costs. Today the unionists thought I was going to come with a checkbook that I don’t have…”

Jean-Michel Geffroy, President of Leff Armor

He believes that “yes, we have to start negotiations. Today we submitted a proposal for mutual health insurance. It’s a sign to start more exchanges. My door is open to receive employee representatives. »

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Picket line in Lantic

The picket line, which will be set up at dawn tomorrow, will be at the entrance to the site of the former Smithom Launay Lantic, where waste collection trucks leave every day.

Agents of this service invite all their fellow Leff Armor to join them.

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