A bit of Fougères and Lécousse on the Route du Rhum

A bit of Fougères and Lécousse on the Route du Rhum

Mathilde Roger from Fougeraise and Marie Le Berrigaud-Perochon from Lécoussoise are in charge of the media coverage of the Route du Rhum. © Republican Chronicle

They are not at the helm of the ship. Not even in the captains team. But they play a vital role in the race.

Spokesperson forBreton communications agency Rivacom, Marie Le Berrigaud-Perochon and Mathilde Roger they make up two-thirds of the press service Route du Rhum.

Their work? Ensure media coverage of the event. They need to get people talking about it in newspapers, TV, radio and on the internet by putting journalists in touch with captains, organizers and partners.

We give them the right tools, we make their lives easier, for example by finding them a marine means of bypass or a parking permit at Cap Fréhel so they can attend the event. It’s a shadow job to draw attention to the race, the sailors.

Marie Le Berrigaud-Perochon


Both women did not get to Rum the same way.

Marie Le Berrigaud-Perochon (47) is a Lécoussoise from the coast.

The daughter of Patrick (retired gynecologist and president of the Fougères tennis club) and Marylène (vice-mayor of Lécousse), she studied at Montaubert school, then Thérèse-Pierre college and Guéhenno high school before going to Rennes. title in modern letters followed by IUP info-com.

But young Marie dreams of sails and boats. Morbihan family roots, holidays with grandparents in Saint-Philibert, Quiberon Bay, summer sailing, work as a sailing instructor… She has always been immersed in this marine world. “Before I became a press attaché, I wanted to work mainly in sailing. Everything was always very clear in my mind.

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She joined the first agency in Finistère before setting out on her own for eight years. The planets aligned in 2012: she joined Rivacom, which handles the communication of major maritime events. “I found myself at the heart of big projects like Solitaire du Figaro, Hermione’s voyage to the United States, work for navigators and, of course, Rum. “.


Mathilde Roger (31), didn’t feel like sailing. Parallel to the fougeraise education in the private sector (Saint-Joseph, Sainte-Marie, Notre-Dame), she often shook hands with her mother at the Goupil store, boulevard Jean-Jaurès. Now closed, this well-known Fougerais shop has been in his family for several generations.

Post-baccalaureate, direction Caen for IUT info-com then Rennes for master. “But I didn’t know what my future would be. Everything was decided during my internship. They finally offered me a contract,” says Mathilde, who is joining Rivacom’s corporate division, where she looks after various companies and supermarkets.

Route du Rhum? An opportunity she seized in 2018. “Reinforcements were needed during the event. I was separated for several months. It was great “.


Fougeraise and Lécoussoise are combined again for this 12th year. And from the press conference to launch the race at the end of September, their phones are overheating and emails are piling up.

Daily, intense, experienced a new acceleration with the opening of the village and the approaching final leg (departure on November 6) until the arrival of the first ultimates in Guadeloupe. “It doesn’t stop,” smile the two women, who also measure how lucky they are to be at the center of such an event.

It is an incredible luxury to work at the most beautiful yacht race in the world, a race where there are still amateurs among the professionals.

Marie Le Berrigaud-Perochon

After the rum, everyone goes back to their daily lives. Marie will embark on new maritime adventures and Mathilde will continue her work at the corporate pole.

Maybe before stopping in Fougères and Lécousse to recharge your batteries.

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