5th Iron Man World Championship qualifier: Anthony, XXL triathlon specialist

5th Iron Man World Championship qualifier: Anthony, XXL triathlon specialist

Anthony Adam has already won his ticket to the 2023 World Cup in Hawaii. © DR

He bounced back quickly. Anthony Adam was unable to complete his World Cup ofiron Man in May 2022. At this event, which was exceptional moved in Utah (instead ofHawaii), a six months off according to plan, due to health crisisresidentAigrefeuille-sur-Maine (Nantes vineyards) he should have forsake During run, power supply error duringcycle race.

Last August in Ginghamduring one of the only two French Iron Man (p Nice), specialist in long triathlons during which you must accumulate (3.8 km swimming180 km from cycling and 42,195 km run is equivalent to a marathon), finished 47thE out of almost 900 competitorsbut above all in the ranking 6E in his age group (126 registered). The place that entitles him ka new ticket for World Cup of… 2023. “I’ve never qualified so early” smiles the one who is still counting four performances on the worlds.

Return to Hawaii in 2023

Anthony Adam will therefore return to Hawaii after he was already there 2014, 2015, 2018 thus 2021, with the best result in his second race (329E of 2,143 with a time of 10 hours). “We’re a long way from my personal best”compares the one holding one 8:43 am It was obtained in Texasin 2018during one of his 17 Iron Man fulfilled from 2011.

I hope to at least one day complete the 9:15-9:30 world championship.

Anthony Adam
The triathlete from Aigrefeuille finished 6th in his class in Vichy.
The triathlete from Aigrefeuille finished 6th in his class in Vichy. © DR

Although he has qualified, he has not yet planned his schedule, with his coach (remotely) by Stephane Pallazzetti. “For now I will continue practice (ed. approx 15 to 20 hours per weekmainly in the morning, outside or on my equipment: home trainer, treadmill…), by balancing my life professional (note he is truck driver). Then I register for several events, such as Mont Saint-Michel Triathlon and Deauville Marathon and 20th November. see you after”he describes in detail the one who would never think to get there.

11 years of experience

Footballer at the regional level Thouare-sur-Loireit is in 2011 that he realizes his first Iron man. HAS Nicewith his father Patrik, and his uncle Joël Gillet already followers of discipline.

Every time we finish one, we say “never again”. A few days later we want more. So I picked up the pace.

Anthony Adam, 42-year-old triathlete.

What’s more, motivated by his good results. L’financial investment didn’t get better from the licensee Sebastiennais three-speed (200 members): “It is true that it is a budget every time for international competitions Between Registration (which has doubled for Worlds, for example, from €750 in 2019 to €1,500 today), ticket, bed, Renewal », he confirms.

All steeper than French Federation won’t help (unique championship in international federation as long triathlon). And it’s hard reach out to sponsors and commonwealth. However, the challenge is started by the one who doesn’t even count his training time team D1 of duathlon. Train, race and find patronsanother triathlon for Anthony Adam.

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