50 giant portraits will be displayed in the streets of Loudéac

50 giant portraits will be displayed in the streets of Loudéac

On the initiative of librarian Servan Rivoal, giant portraits of people who want to express “their desire for solidarity” will be pasted on the walls of the city. Behind the lens Philippe Boulenger, president of the association “La Ruche des arts”, in Langueux. © Independent Courier

During the “Make Solidarity” day in Crazy, Thursday, October 20, 2022a stall offered to passers-by to be photographed print one giant portrait (format 90 x 135 cm).

This is the “Inside Out” project of internationally acclaimed street artist JR, helping individuals and communities around the world Send a message exhibiting their portraits in the street.

Freely displaying his photo collages on walls around the world, JR boasts that he has “the world’s largest art gallery” and makes it accessible to those who don’t usually visit museums.

It’s by suggestion Servane-Rivoalfrom the media library that this project, adopted by the elected representatives, will know the local variation in Loudéac.

“It’s about conveying an optimistic and joyful message through the creation of an ephemeral work of art. »


behind the lens Philippe Boulengerpresident A hive of art (Linguistic), an association of artists of all kinds who come to exercise their talent as a portraitist for free.

75 volunteers

Once displayed, these giant portraits gradually deteriorate over time before disappearing. “If we can make 50, the JR Foundation will print them. Suffice it to say that many participants in “Make Solidarity” were asked. Volunteers – 75 people finally – everyone signed an assignment of rights to the image. In December next year, their portraits will decorate some streets of the city. What remains to be determined after agreement with the municipality.

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