3 questions for Didier Gustin, sponsor of this new Vendée comedy festival

3 questions for Didier Gustin, sponsor of this new Vendée comedy festival

Didier Gustin will sponsor the new festival in Challans. ©

You know him for his impersonations or for his voices in Les Guignols or in Minikeums. Didier Gustin, “the man with 200 voices”, is the sponsor of the new comedy festival in Challans, organized by the Association Entraide Challandaise Musicale (AECM). Premiere Chall’en Rire will be played this Saturday, September 24 at the Salle Louis Claude Roux.

Your very first vote, remember?

I used to sing a lot when I was younger. Then I realized that I was able to pick up people’s voices by listening to them. But my first impersonation was that of Gérard Depardieu. At that time, no one had imitated him when he was at the peak of his career. I was then invited to a lot of shows to imitate Depardieu.

Are there any items you ban?

I don’t ban any topic on stage. I don’t care about men, women, a little bit of politics and a lot of singers, but if it annoys me or I get tired of it, I’ll take it off the show. However, my aim is not to harm either the imitated person or the audience, but to have a good time with the audience. The goal is to make people laugh, not leave a bitter aftertaste. Maybe I’m a little slick, but I leave that to others who do it with talent. I mainly like funny things and also make the imitated person laugh.

You are about to launch the Chall’en Rire humor festival. A few words about this new meeting that you are the godfather of?

Jean (Bardin Avoine, president of AECM, editor’s note) called me that he wanted to organize a comedy festival. I really liked that name. He then asked me if I agreed to be godfather, which I accepted with great pleasure. I’m always up for starting a new festival, it’s always fun to be at the beginning and then watch the festival grow. It is also part of our job to be there and support this type of initiative, especially when the organizers are nice. People have to laugh now, that’s a good idea.

I am going to perform Il Etait une Voix there. It is a show of singing imitations, with a few sketches, stand-up, but a lot of music and imitations of singers, from Brel to Phil Collins, through Mathieu Chédido, Vincent Delermo, Cabrel, Sardou…

Check out our full interview in our issue this Thursday, September 22.

Saturday 24 September, Room Louis Claude Roux in Challans, at 20:30 (doors open at 19:30). Entrance fee: €34 per person. Reservations: 07 50 48 47 00 (Jean Bardin Avoine) or 02 51 93 19 75 (Tourist Office). Drinks and sandwiches on site.

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