2nd arrondissement of Yvelines.  Partial parliamentary elections: Anne Jacqmin leaves for the National Assembly

2nd arrondissement of Yvelines. Partial parliamentary elections: Anne Jacqmin leaves for the National Assembly

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Opposition councilors in Versailles, Anne Jacqmin appeared in June on 1D constituency of Yvelines, while Gaëtan Brault ran for the 2ndE. This time they form a tandem, Anne Jacqmin as holder, Gaëtan Brault as substitute.

Representative of the constituency of France

At the National Assembly level, I am responsible for two constituencies. I lived for 5 years in Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse. So I know this constituency well, which also shows the wealth of Yvelinek. There are places steeped in history, urban sectors, others rural. Today the representative territory of France.

Anne JacqminNational Assembly Candidate

Anne Jacqmin would welcome the arrival of a Member of the 90th National Assembly to the National Assembly. “In July, people had the opportunity to see the work of our deputies,” said the candidate. And that will increase even more in the fall. »

Why new elections?

The voters of the 2nd district of Yvelines were already called to the polls last June to elect their representative. In the first round, 11 candidates presented themselves, two qualified and in the end it was Jean-Noël Barrot (MoDem, presidential majority) who was re-elected with 64.27% of the vote against Maïté Carrive-Bedouani (Nupes) with 35.73%.
In July, Jean-Noël Barrot became the delegate of the minister responsible for the digital transition and telecommunications. Unable to combine this post with his position as deputy, he logically resigned in favor of his deputy, Anne Grignon. She officially became a member of parliament for the 2nd electoral district of Yvelines on August 7.
However, after the election, an appeal was filed on the grounds that Article 134 of the Electoral Act had not been complied with. This article states that “a candidate for the National Assembly cannot be replaced by a deputy, senator or replacement of a member of the Chamber of Deputies”.
However, Anne Grignon, mayor of Lévis-Saint-Nom and replacement for Jean-Noël Barrot, was second on the list of senators led by Martin Lévrier for En Marche in 2017. The latter was elected, making Anne Grignon his replacement in 2017 .the event of leaving the place.
Faced with the certainty that the Constitutional Council will cancel the elections in June 2022, Anne Grignon preferred to resign from her post of representative seven days after taking office. “This appeal was filed by a relative of the candidate who was defeated in the first round. His only purpose is to repeat the fight he has already lost twice, in 2017 and 2022, despite the choice of the voters, despite the communities that will have to bear the burden of organizing new elections, despite the democratic exercise. “, she underlined at the time.
This resignation thus triggered these legislative by-elections, on 2 and 9 October, to re-elect the deputy for the 2nd district of Yvelines.
Six candidates applied: Jean-Noël Barrot (MoDem, Renaissance), Maïté Carrive-Bedouani (Nupes), Pascal Thévenot (LR), Anne Jacqmin (RN), Laurence Trochu (Reconquest) and Pascal Casimir-Perrier (DVC).

For Anne Jacqmin, what characterizes elected officials in the National Assembly is “this culture of closeness”. And to continue: “I share the concerns of the French in everyday life. As a dedicated entrepreneur, I also face these issues on a daily basis. AND catastrophe, don’t be afraid of the words that the duo Emmanuel Macron/Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission) has in store for us is quite disturbing. »

In this context of by-elections, the National Assembly candidate believes that she can “really strive to be on second round “. “We are moving forward with every vote. With our local elected representatives, we are preparing the restoration of France. »

Thierry Mariani in support

Saturday, September 24 at 10 a.m., militant action at the Vélizy market (10, le mail, 78140 Vélizy) in the presence of Thierry MarianiMEP and member of the national office of the National Assembly, will be organized by the candidate.

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