120 to 0: despite a very heavy defeat, this Vendée basketball club defends its players

120 to 0: despite a very heavy defeat, this Vendée basketball club defends its players

A bitter defeat for the small Vendée club Angles-Longeville Basket Club. ©Illustrative photo of Actu.fr

There are defeats we don’t forget. Failures that are very hard to accept. This is not a small clubAngles Longeville who can argue otherwise. Last weekend her U15 women’s team lost to Aizenay parquet floors with a caustic score of 120 to 0. Far from pillaging its members, a small local basketball club shared a press release on social media. Angles Longeville Basket Club (ABLC) explains that very regularly, in order to field complete teams, he sees himself obliged to upgrade the categories of young players.

“Our goal at Angles Longeville Basket Club is to get all the young people who want to play basketball and love it. This sometimes often means leveling up players to create complete squads that allow them to participate in weekend championships. This is the case with our U15F team, which consists mainly of beginners and advanced players. »

Angles Longeville Basketball Club

“What’s the message from a coach pushing his team to go 120-0? »

So when those same players face much tougher teams, the ABLC coaches rely on fair play opposing teams to keep basketball games just fun. However, the message apparently did not get through on Aizenay’s side.

“What’s the message from a coach who pushes his team to outscore opponents 120-0 without allowing them to make even one field goal? What did they learn from this humiliation they inflicted on a much weaker team? »

Angles Longeville Basketball Club

The Angles-Longeville club therefore regrets the turn of events and does not question the merits of the Agesinate team.

“This message is not at all intended to question this victory, but to make people think, to remind them that it is important to take into account, especially among young people, the values ​​of basketball, including solidarity, fair play and empathy. they are integral. »

Angles Longeville Basketball Club

Aizenay, Civic Club

In defense of the Aizenay club, the latter is marked from this year, a three-star civil designation club established by the French Basketball Federation (FFBB).

On its website, the FFBB states that the designation rewards committed clubs “in actions with a social mission, in favor of ecological transformation or any other activity supporting education, taking into account social mixes and citizenship.

A grid of 40 criteria allows the FFBB to assess each application and award one, two or three stars. Five main themes express this evaluation grid: ethics and respect, environment and ecological transformation, integration and diversity, solidarity and sharing, as well as women’s practice and feminization. This designation helps clubs highlight or build a structured and sustainable civic project. »

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Also as a reminder, the Aizenay club has a two-star designation for its mini-basketball school.

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